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Your Unfair Advantage

Interactive video is unstoppable technology.
Just like mobile & social video became essential years ago, interactive videos are now dominating marketing.
24% of marketers and leading global brands already use them.
Nearly 50% of video consumers expect them.
Get in front of the tech today for a massive advantage over your competition and leverage the biggest shift in video marketing since the iPhone.

Videofid is the most powerful interactive video platform for marketers, with multiple industry-leading features.
It’s amazingly easy to use and it’s one-time price is less than what competitors charge per month.

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1. Effortless Lead Generation

Grow your lists faster & easier than ever with clickable optin forms inside your video. These eliminate traditional barriers for subscribers because there’s no redirect to an external page.
How well does it work?

SGOSS used interactive video to generate 3,144 leads in 30 days from a single campaign - it also decreased the cost per lead by 900%

2. Increases Sales Conversions & Average Order Value

The most successful salespeople let prospects ‘sell themselves’ …By allowing them to choose the products & information they’re interested in. Interactive video automates this process and the results are game-changing:

Maybelline has used interactive video to get purchase rates 14X HIGHER than the industry average.

3. Automate Your Content & Training Videos For Higher Engagement

Videofid lets you link multiple training or demo videos together… to allow customers to self-select the help they need. Result? Happier customers and less stress for you or your support team.

Samsung leverages interactive video for customer support by showing people how to get the most out of their new cameras.

4. Uncover Key Buying Triggers Of Your Prospects & Customers

Easily determine demographics & specific behaviours of your viewers - valuable intel to increase marketing conversions.

Toyota uses interactive video specifically to collect key marketing data about its prospects

5. Build Massive Buzz For Upcoming Promotions

Interactive video is a powerful, automated way to promote your product launches, special promos or flash sales. The engagement levels with this format can translate into much higher ROI.

Warner Brothers saw average viewers spend over 8 minutes interacting with one of its pre-launch videos.

Video Marketing Just Got SMARTER

AUTOMATED LIST BUILDING: Integrate With ANY Autoresponder Connect via API with popular services or via HTML with the autoresponder of your choice

1-Click Video Upload From Your Favorite Platforms


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